With 37 years in the market, Ferracini 24h is a Brazilian fashion brand for men's footwear and accessories, based in Franca/SP, one of the biggest hubs of the footwear trade in the country. Strategic planning, quality and hard work identify the company's success story.
Founded in June 1992, in the city of Franca, in the interior of São Paulo, by the brothers Hélder Luiz de Carvalho and Silvio de Carvalho, the Álbarus Calçados brand is a reference in the footwear market.

The company has two manufacturing units: the headquarters in Franca (SP) and Amargosa (BA), located in the Southeast and Northeast regions of Brazil. With trained employees, high quality materials and a lot of technology, the result is a daily production of 7 thousand items, in connection with the main trends in world fashion.

A brand with a purpose and engaged in various social and environmental initiatives, such as its biodegradable Ecobox packaging and the Living with Differences Project, which includes people with special needs, Ferracini 24h is already sold in 45 countries, in addition to Brazil. And among the main markets that consume shoes are Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Australia and Norway.




Accessories – Boots – Casual – Comfort – Flip-flops
Sports – Moccasin – Sandals – Social – Others

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