WE ARE THE MARK OF COURAGE. Located in one of the largest footwear hubs in Brazil, Kallucci built its history in a land that has always paid attention to the feet of Brazilians.
The industrial park in the city of Franca has a high production capacity, capable of serving the national market in a short time and with excellence.

WE ARE COURAGE!Courage when exploring to conquer territories and also when stepping fearlessly on any terrain in an adventure.

WE ARE STRENGTH. Strength when facing all kinds of battles with the commitment to win.

WE ARE HONOR. It honors the Brazilian military uniforms and everyone who seeks a life purpose running, on asphalt or in nature.

WE ARE BRAVE. Bravery for always wanting the best on and off our field.

WE ARE MISSION Mission for not giving up on any obstacle, since 1991, to bring comfort and resistance to the feet of warriors who preserve and defend the national flag.

WE ARE EVOLUTION. Evolution because today we broaden our goals and extend our products to everyone who seeks protection and lightness on their feet, through technologies that guarantee safety in all circumstances.
Like you, we seek progress!




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