On July 19, 2013, in the city of Franca, one of the largest footwear centers in Brazil, Vegano Shoes was born....
The company was founded by Rosemir Folhas, a graduate in chemistry (CRQ-04263060), and director of the brand. Altogether, Rosemir has more than 10 years of experience with footwear raw materials. The interest in preserving the environment, together with the desire to spread veganism, made the chemist start research to manufacture alternative products, from new materials, sustainable and free from any animal cruelty.

One of the pillars of Vegano Shoes is sustainability. Therefore, the brand prioritizes the use of recycled raw materials in its products, such as reused truck tarpaulins and reused air chambers collected in tire repair shops, which, combined with mineral and vegetable foams, provide shoes with extreme comfort when walking. , strength and stability in the wedge.

Vegano Shoes remains to this day with the fortification of its essence and preservation of its initial principles, based on respect for all forms of life. Currently, the brand serves the entire national territory and always seeks commercial and social partnerships to prove that there is no need to torture or sacrifice animals to obtain good quality products and market acceptance.

In addition, we take care that there is no human exploitation in our clothing. We are responsible for the production of our products, the models and the brand, and we check all the companies that supply us with materials. In addition to all of them complying with the CLT, in certain functions, they even give preference to low-income people.

Vegan Shoes: Take a step towards a better future.


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