Founded in 1990 in the city of Franca, VICCINI was born with the objective of offering the market men's shoes of the highest quality and differentiated design. Since its foundation, the company works with Private Labels, producing shoes for major brands, known and respected worldwide....
With 28 years of experience, it has know-how and a qualified team that believes and lives for what it does. These are the elements that guarantee the position it occupies today, and that define the brand as a pioneer in the development of modeling and production of shoes that are a reference in fashion and style. VICCINI is also an international concept, having relationships with brands from the USA, Europe and the Middle East, forming a global language.

Currently VICCINI has more than 200 employees and a daily production of 1,200 pairs of shoes. It is a company concerned with social responsibility, having as a practice the inclusion, and respect for its employees, it has certifications that guarantee the public to know its conduct. Other frequent practices at VICCINI are investments in innovation, research and technology. All this guarantees the delivery of footwear with the highest quality standard.

Always thinking about the best, VICCINI has the most modern production tools, offering unique models, shapes and materials, which differ from other brands, providing men with the power to stand out with bold and contemporary footwear.

VICCINI develops 100% of its collections, with unique models that reflect the elegance and trends of the largest fashion markets in the world. All this in line with its number one rule: to offer the best footwear for men who want to differentiate themselves.

Finally, VICCINI wants to be your walking companion, present at all times, so it has in its portfolio models for all occasions and styles. Among the options offered, you can find shoes: SOCIAL, CASUAL, SHOES, BOOTS, SIDER&DRIVERS, SANDALS and ACCESSORIES. Always with news and releases, following the world fashion calendar.

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