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JB Shoes is a men’s leather shoe factory headquartered in  Franca. The brand has started its activities on July 31, 1991, with the Freira brothers, who were the family pioneers in the footwear industry. Nowadays the JB Shoes covers national and international footwear markets. 

The company’s mission is to produce quality shoes and to satisfy the customer.

The vision of JB Shoes is to professionalize all its employees and to seek new technologies, in order to contribute to a sustainable business, always maintaining the excellence and quality.

The values of JB Shoes are:

Professionalism, transparency, product diversification, agility, durability, and quality!

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Address: Monsenhor Rosa, 1940 – Franca/SP

Phone: +55 (16) 98181-3534 / +55 (16) 98100-9959



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