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The dream of wearing a complete army uniform.  

In order to attend this dream and to HONOR  the members of the country’s main armed forces that Kallucci has begun its activities in 1991, developing the entire process of manufacturing military footwear.

The brand was born as a specialist in the segment and with the MISSION to bring resistance and comfort to the feet of the soldiers.

Kallucci is headquartered in the largest footwear clusters in Brazil.

The industrial park in Franca has high production capacity, capable of serving the national and international market in a short time and with excellence.

To provide SAFETY for the ones who protect and save, Kallucci works with the best suppliers of raw materials in the footwear market.

Kallucci provides to the consumer the new technologies of the specialized footwear segment.

Behind courage are people.

People who believe in their own work and strength. People who understand the importance of quality and endurance for their walk. 

The qualification and specialization of the workforce are one of the Kallucci’s pillars for manufacturing the products with the highest quality. There are people working on to take care of your feet, to give you


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