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With a lot of effort, sweat and work, a modest shoe factory  started 24 years ago, conceived by the brothers Clóves Cintra and Valter Cintra, in a space of only 9m² of floor space.

A small space that held big dreams and big ideas, which came true with the effort and help of the family.

Help that came mainly from his father, Mr. Antonio, who rode and finished and Sandoval, his older brother, who sewed his shoes.

Today, Rafarillo is emerging as a trusted brand that invests in the quality of its products.

It is attuned to world market trends, has qualified representatives and satisfied employees.

This union of quality in production and employees who wear the company’s shirt, makes Rafarillo serves the most demanding customers and grows year by year, becoming better known and recognized.

And despite the growth, the original idea of the factory remains: to offer high quality, comfortable products that appeal to various types of public. This thinking is in Rafarillo’s veins and mission, to be entirely focused on the satisfaction of its customers.

With the passage of time and after much effort, Rafarillo is a brand that is sure to accompany anyone wherever they go.

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