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Established in 2018, the Franca Chamber of Commerce is an instrument that aims to promote internationally the industrial, commercial and socio-cultural economic potential of the city of Franca, located in the interior of the State of São Paulo – Brazil.

We are headquartered at ACIF – Commerce and Industry Association of Franca, an entity founded in 1944, known by its expressive initiative in actions to encourage the development of the city and the local economy.

Through Franca Chamber of Commerce you will be able to access information about qualified exporting companies, know their history, structure, and products.

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Address: Monsenhor Rosa, 1940 – Franca/SP

Phone: +55 (16) 98181-3534 / +55 (16) 98100-9959

Email: francachamber@acifranca.com.br


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Foto Créditos : Gustavo Lopes

Foto Créditos : Gustavo Lopes