The city of Franca is located in the interior of São Paulo – Brazil.

Franca had been classified as the 5th safest city in Brazil, 5th best city to live in the country and also the 20th most developed city nationally.

Franca is considered an important urban, economic and industrial center, recognized throughout the country as the National Capital of Footwear and Basketball. It is located at Alta Mogiana Region, one of the most productive and developed world regions for coffee growing.

In the recent years, the city has been going through a diversification of its industrial park, housing important sectors such as clothing, cosmetics and food industries, located in one of the most modern industrial districts in Brazil, in an area of approximately two million square meters entirely urbanized.

For all these reasons, Franca is a region of great investment and development opportunities.

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Address: Monsenhor Rosa, 1940 – Franca/SP

Phone: +55 (16) 98181-3534 / +55 (16) 98100-9959

Email: francachamber@acifranca.com.br


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